About PrestaShop

PrestaShop is an open, efficient and innovative e-commerce system that allows you to open your own online store. The project was created in 2005 in France and is growing very quickly. Currently, the community already exceeds a million members. The platform has over 300 functionalities, such as: unlimited products with attributes, categories, multistore, many currencies, languages, payments, delivery methods, CMS, filtering, statistics and much, much more. The store can be developed by introducing any changes and ready-to-buy modules.

Some of the features of PrestaShop software

Simple admin panel and intuitiveness

Compared to other systems, PrestaShop has a simple admin panel. This is especially important for people who are just starting their adventure with the e-commerce industry and broadly understood CMS systems. In addition, the technical language is kept to a minimum, which is especially important for novice entrepreneurs

back office prestashop

Easy modification

PrestaShop offers many possibilities to match the online store to the individual needs of each user. A wide range of templates, as well as a multitude of available modules, makes it easy to change the appearance and functionality of the store.

High efficiency

PrestaShop is characterized by high efficiency. In relation to the extended possibilities that it offers to users, it does not require more server resources.

prestashop multilingualism


One of the advantages of PrestaShop is multilingualism. The software has been translated into more than 40 languages, which significantly affects its popularity and systematic increase of the user community, as well as PrestaShop specialists.


PrestaShop allows you to optimize the online store for mobile devices – smartphones and tablets. It should be remembered that responsiveness is now an indispensable element when creating user-friendly online stores. It is also a plane that affects the visibility of the store in search engines.

prestashop rwd
prestashop functionalities

Custom features

Prestashop offers the possibility of expanding the store with additional, non-standard functionalities. Most of the useful modules are free, however, new or unusual functions can be implemented for each company. The open architecture of this software makes it possible to fully modify the functionality of the store, change its layout and adapt to individual needs.

A large user community

PrestaShop software is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions. This is a great advantage because a huge number of users affect the dynamic development of the platform. Many new modules (extensions) function and are created, and possible problems are quickly solved.

prestshop seo

SEO support

The software provides the store user with many useful tools that are helpful in optimizing the store - to make it as visible as possible in search engines. This is important because positions on Google (and other search engines) largely translate into the sales results of the online shop.


PrestaShop gives many possibilities to match the appearance of the online store to your preferences. It offers thousands of templates that differ in layout, color and purpose – they are sometimes tailored to specific industries. In addition, it is always possible to create a dedicated graphic design - unique and tailored to individual requirements.

prestashop personalization
prestashop e-marketing

Marketing support

PrestaShop offers a lot of useful marketing tools that can affect sales growth, including affiliate programs, loyalty programs, discount vouchers or mechanisms that recommend the product to friends.


It allows the installation of many online stores that will be served in one management panel, also in terms of currencies, language, descriptions and many other elements, which gives a wide range of opportunities, e.g. for international sales.

Wide application

The PrestaShop software is intended for both small, medium and large online stores. With proper configuration, it works successfully even with a huge number of products.

prestashop wide application
prestashop code

Otwarta architektura

PrestaShop działa na otwartej licencji Open Source, co oznacza, że otrzymujemy pełen dostęp do kodu e-sklepu, z możliwością dokonywaniu wielu zmian, zgodnie z potrzebami odnoszącymi się do panelu administracyjnego, jak i tymi, które mają być odpowiedzią na potrzeby klientów.

Thousands of templates to choose from

The software is based on the Smarty template system, which is one of the greatest systems, ensuring optimal speed, correct page display on smartphones and tablets, flexibility as well as easy modification of the graphic layout. The result is a modern and attractive website, adjusted to current standards.

prestshop themes

Sales support

Thanks to additional functions, PrestaShop offers large sales support opportunities, such as extensive statistics, tools for order analysis, highlighting selected products, newsletter, discount schemes for customers.

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