How to log in into the PrestaShop admin dashboard

Logging into PrestaShop administration panel (back office) can be problematic. Especially the first time. Some difficulty can be caused by PrestaShop, because log in link is not just but url is modified due to safety reasons.

Preastahop backoffice login

How to log into PrestaShop back office?

You will need a login url. Link is given in the end of shop installation process. It is worth to write it down and add to bookmarks. If installation was made by Installatron you can view administration link in a list of installed applications.

Preastahop backoffice login - installatron

You can always obtain the link by checking catalog structure via your ftp client (i.e.:filezilla). Backoffice catalog will contain “admin” string in name i.e. admin12345. So finally your administration panel url will be

It is worth to change admin catalog name for safety reasons. Such a modification will inhibit hacking attempts. Please remember that by altering catalog name admin url will change.

Login data

Logging operation requires email and password which are set in PrestaShop installation process. If you do not remember password you can use special restoration link which is given in administration panel site. If your data is correct you will gain access to your shops backoffice panel.

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