When is it worth choosing Prestashop?

When is it worth choosing Prestashop?

The French OS (open source) Prestashop platform has been operating continuously since 2007 and today it is already used by over 300,000 customers. e-shops around the world, while in Poland over 13 thousand. These numbers put Prestashop at the forefront of all available platforms in the world, whether they are available in a subscription or open source format. This is not surprising if we consider that the platform provides the source code for free. If we know a bit about how to implement such a code, we can navigate e.g. in CSS, we can set up a fully functional and effective online store almost cost-free. We can always use the services of a specialized interactive agency that will implement and configure the store for us. The price of the online store will be felt, but only at the beginning, further use does not entail subscription fees. So let's see when it's worth using this platform and what makes it stand out.

Prestashop - what is it?

Prestashop is nothing more than software built for e-commerce, which allows you to create online stores using open source code. It has been regularly developed and updated since 2007. Today, it brings together thousands of specialists, developers, sellers, marketers who make up the entire Prestashop community and whose commitment really translates into the development of the platform. It is basically a ready-made solution that is equipped with the necessary Prestashop modules, enabling effective sales and supporting many other spaces. We have access to online payments, logistics and marketing solutions, and those related to integrations via Api.

Coming back to the openness of this software, it means that Prestashop allows us to create a full-fledged, functional online store, which we become the owners of. However, when it comes to costs, you will need to pay for hosting and domain.

What are the advantages of Prestashop?

Moving on to the advantages of this platform, it is worth highlighting the easy navigation. The administration panel is really intuitive, the tabs are well described and the rules of their use are clear. Managing content, adding products or using other types of functions should not cause problems today.

A very big value that distinguishes Prestashop is the community that really translates into the development of the platform. Browsing the "prestashop" forums, we can successfully find answers to many problems, as well as ready-made modules that are often created by programmers.

From the point of view of an e-seller, and later an e-consumer, the design of an already functioning online store is an extremely important issue. Prestashop provides over 2000 templates that we can freely use. As long as we use CSS, we can also customize the appearance of this or that template.

Let's also note that Prestashop from the start allows you to use a very long list of functions that are attractive to both the store manager and its customers. We have access to discount systems, comments, opinions, or highlighting specific products (e.g. discounted or discounted).

The Prestashop platform is also adapted to mobile traffic. Today, this is an extremely important issue due to the fact that users are more likely to make purchases using mobile devices. However, it cannot be overlooked that the mobile version is also refined from the side of the administration panel. Modifying or updating content using a smartphone is also comfortable.

Listing the advantages of Prestashop, it is impossible to omit such values as supporting SEO activities, access to analytical tools, the ability to collect your own newsletter database or support for contact forms.

The list of Prestashop advantages is quite long, it is worth mentioning:

  • innovative and transparent administration panel,
  • multi-language support,
  • forums for developers and entrepreneurs,
  • a wide selection of templates, modules and add-ons,
  • constant updates and fixes,
  • built-in market with additional modules,
  • good performance,
  • community support
  • the ability to create accounts with various permissions (e.g. seller, administrator, forwarder),
  • unlimited template editing.

Prestashop and the real price of an online store?

The Prestashop platform is indeed completely free, the only costs that are certain are hosting and domain fees. Bear in mind, however, that not everyone will be able to install, configure, customize and equip this or that template with functionality. In this case, the costs associated with the work of the interactive agency should be taken into account. These are very often determined individually and depend on the scale of e-business - the size of the product base, template (whether individual or free), functionality, design, etc. We should take into account the expenditure in the range from a few to several thousand. zlotys. However, the fee is one-time.

What should we consider before choosing a Prestashop platform?

The platform is designed in such a way that it works regardless of the industry in which the e-shop will operate. It looks great, provides a full range of functions and generates low costs during subsequent use.

However, let's take into account that Prestashop requires quite meticulous configuration, which we will not necessarily be able to do, but we will not realize that this or that function for a given industry may be completely redundant. For example, comparing products makes sense for products such as household appliances or electronics, but for an online store offering furniture or books, this kind of "facilitation" burdens the store and distracts users. To eliminate such issues, it may be necessary to hire a UX specialist and programmer.

Techniques such as cross- and up-selling in the basic version are very limited, as are, for example, mass price modifications or advanced discount options. While a free "skin" allows you to sell online, it should be recognized that these sales will not necessarily be carried out at an optimal level. And this may be due to the lack of one or another module. However, modules that can seal this sale are very often paid. And another problem may be the quality of these modules, and if it is poor, the code is not well written, then there will also be a security issue. What's more, after implementing the module, the graphics may run out. In this case, you will also need developer support.

The already mentioned very active community of users can also come to the rescue. The Polish community active both on forums and on Facebook can be extremely helpful. We also have extensive documentation that includes answers to frequently asked questions, as well as a user guide. So we also have alternatives to paid solutions.

Prestashop - when is it worth using the open source platform?

Before we make a fully conscious decision regarding the choice of a particular platform, we should also get acquainted with the market offer a bit more. Let's not limit ourselves to verifying only one solution. It may turn out that in our case it will be a better idea to use a platform operating in the subscription model. However, let's bear in mind that introducing changes to box stores, implementing individual solutions is often almost impossible.

In any case, Prestashop is a versatile tool that allows you to start an e-business on a budget. Prestashop can be a good solution for small businesses that want to have an online store open to development without having to pay for the store every month. It is also the best solution for medium-sized companies that want to have full development opportunities through open code. However, with a budget of tens of thousands, you can create a fully unique, useful and modern online store, which will be equipped not only with basic functions, but also with solutions that make the e-store stand out and allow you to increase sales results.

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