Case study WallColors

Wallcolors is one of the most stylish stores we've ever worked with. The online store offers designer wallpapers, posters, paintings, charts, stickers and many other wall decorations. The appearance is maintained in a subdued, minimalist style and the whole platform looks very elegant and transparent. The design of the shop perfectly emphasizes the fury of colours and originality of products offered here.

The customer has approached us with specific tasks to be completed. In such a case, we try to estimate as accurately as possible the time of each order. The goal is to minimize the risk of incurring high costs of implementation by the customer. In addition, we recommend to each client to carry out work on a copy of the store. Such a solution has many advantages. First of all, the customer before the implementation in the target store sees the changes that will be introduced. Secondly, it minimizes the risk of possible errors. Thirdly, the customer always has access to a backup version of the online store.

We have made many changes to wallcolors by transferring the customer's ideas to the existing store. The work required us to: design additional functionalities (tailor-made modules) and sharpen many elements of the shop according to the customer's vision. The final version functions and presents itself faultlessly.

Screenshot from some tasks

PrestaShop WallColors

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