Case study WearGear

Migration from PrestaShop 1.6 to PrestaShop 1.7 along with the preparation of modern, dedicated graphics requires a lot of commitment and learning about the needs of the client. Thanks to the interview and detailed information from the brief, we had enough data to start our work. The team of graphic designers focused on the modern and at the same time transparent layout of the new page. A team of developers was responsible for migrating from PrestaShop version 1.6 to the latest 1.7. All of the work resulted in a stylish design that met the initial requirements.

Knowing the client's target group, consisting mostly of young people who are active and who value good style, has enabled us to choose the right style to suit their demanding tastes. The whole looks elegant, modern but most importantly transparent.

Of course, each migration involves copying solutions from the current site, and thus also rewriting some of the functionality.

Screenshot from some tasks

PrestaShop weargear

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