Case study Zo-han

PrestaShop Zo-han

Zo-han is a Polish brand that offers original prints on exclusive sports clothing. Mr. Mariusz carried out the PrestaShop upgrade service from version 1.6 to the latest 1.7 along with refreshing the store graphics.

Upgarde from 1.6 to 1.7 is not a simple task. It requires the migration of both data and modules. It can be assumed that the store is actually being recreated. In the case of this type of orders, for the safety and uninterrupted operation of the store, we perform migrations at least twice. For the first time after configuring the new version of the store, and for the second time, just before the final launch of the new website. Particular attention should be paid to the proper transfer of links and used modules. All the changes introduced so far are important, as they may affect the incorrect course of the migration. Said changes could be made, for example, in default controllers, and not with the help of modules or overrides - this information is extremely important for a devloper. These types of incorrect implementations require special verification in the migration process. Fortunately, in the case of the zo-han store, there were no major problems.

There was a lot of work related to the appearance of the zo-han store. The order included the design and implementation of a dedicated graphic design, reflecting the style and spirit of the brand. Design changes included:

  • implementation of a menu with html elements,
  • horizontal change of filters,
  • implementation of an instagram feed,
  • presentation of product photos in the form of a horizontal slider,
  • implementation of an advanced one page checkout.

All works included the implementation of 14 of our proprietary modules.

On the left - the old version of the shop. On the right - new.

PrestaShop Zo-han

New shops design

PrestaShop Zo-han

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