How we work

The Prestashop solutions we offer are based only on proven and newest technologies. Not only we follow trends, but we also set them ourselves. With this approach, the stores we design are the basis of a thriving e-business. We work in a team of experienced enthusiasts who advise our clients on optimal solutions at every stage of the project. The expression of our programming culture is the care of the written code. When designing PrestaShop solutions, we have in mind the goals and requirements set by our clients, because we realize that the standard of the project has an impact on sales success. We provide a high quality service and their efficient execution, based on our knowledge and experience.

Standards for PrestaShop programing

  1. All changes are created either using the override directory or using PrestaShop hooks
  2. We write only high quality code
  3. We use programming patterns, including MVC
  4. We strive to make all changes first tested on the copy of the PrestaShop store
  5. Our code is created by programmers certified by PrestaShop
  6. E-marketing services are made by specialists with Google certifications

How do we work?

After receiving the PrestaShop project guidelines, we assign a manager who will help you guide you through the entire project. After determining all the details, objectives and expectations of the order, we can proceed to sign the contract. It contains all the necessary information, such as project deadlines, specifications and price.

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