Prestashop 1.7 - Adding a percentage discount based on selected conditions

Adding discounts based on selected conditions is nothing else than assigning a percentage or amount discount for a selected product category, for a specific product brand or for example a specific product attribute. These discounts do not apply to individual products but to whole groups of products consistent with each other by a specific defined feature. The set discount will be calculated from the initial price of a single product. 

In the administration panel, in the left-hand menu select Sell, Catalog and Discounts. On the newly opened page, select the Catalog Price Rules and + new catalogue pricing rule tab.

 adding percentange discount prestashop 1.7

First give your new rule a name and then you can set all conditions of the rule. 

prestashop 1.7 group discount 

The available options are

  • Currency - choose the currency in which the discount will be calculated.
  • Country - selection of the buyers country from which the discount will be charged.
  • Group - selection of user groups such as visitors, logged-in customers.
  • From quantity - setting the minimum quantity of products for which the discount will apply.
  • Price (net) - here you can set product’s new starting price. Leave the window blank and the system will accept the valid price. 
  • From, To - you can add a time frame for the validity of the promotion. 
  • Reduction type - a choice between an amount and a percentage discount. 
  • Discount with or without taxes - choice of gross or net discount amount. 
  • Reduction - amount which will be deducted from the basket. 


Having the basic settings of the promotion, the next step is to define the conditions which the products must meet in order for the discount to be charged. Select + add a new condition group.

discount conditions prestashop 1.7

In the newly opened part of the panel you can set a category, brand, supplier, attributes and features. 

discount add conditions percentange  

To assign a discount to, for example, red t-shirts in the category field set the T-Shirts and red as an attribute. And click add a condition. 

price rules conditions prestashop

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