PrestaShop 1.7 - creating a new employee profile

To add a new employee profile in PrestaShop 1.7 go to Administration Panel. In the left-hand menu, select Configure, Advanced Parameters and Team. There will only be one active account in the new store that was created when setting up and configuring your PrestaShop. 

prestashop 17 new profile

The newly opened page shows a list of created accounts and employee options. Here you can specify the minimum time interval that must pass to change the panel password. This time is given in minutes. In addition, there is an option to remember the languages of the forms in the panel of each employee profile. To create a new profile press +Add new employee in the upper right corner.

prestashop 17 adding profile

The process of adding a new employee to PrestaShop 1.7 is divided into three main sections:

  • Employees,
  • Profiles,
  • Permissions.


In order to create a new employee account in PrestaShop 1.7 you need to enter:

  • First name,
  • Last name,
  • E-mail address from which the employee will log in,
  • A password with a minimum of 8 characters,
  • The default page that will be opened when your employee log in,
  • Language of the administration panel,
  • Permission profile - the level of access rights to the store. This option will be discussed in more detail later in the entry. 

Additionally, using the sliders you can subscribe to the PrestaShop newsletter and enable or disable the entire account. Yes - account active, No - account inactive. 

prestashop new profile


By default, in PrestaShop 1.7, four profiles are uploaded that define the level of access rights for each group. 

SuperAdmin - has unlimited access to the whole administrative profile of the store and can make any changes. 

Logistician - has access to the store sections related to the warehouse and shipping. 

Translator - has access to sections related to the content visible on the front-end of the store, such as: products, categories, translations, search engine, static CMS pages. 

Salesman - has access to sections necessary to handle sales: products and sales, orders, customer database and order statistics. 

In order to define a new profile of access to the store, select in the upper right corner +Add new profile.

Here you can also rename default (and new) profiles or delete them completely.

prestashop 1.7 permissions


The last section is used to change or specify permissions (accesses) for existing and new employees profiles. Each employee profile can have its own individually defined accesses to the back office. By default, the Salesman has access only to the view of Brands in the Brands & Suppliers tab. If you want your salesman to be able to add new Brands on his own in the settings section grant access to add, edit and/or delete Brands. The rights to individual store tabs can be granted within the view, add, edit and delete permissions. The Permissions section also grants access to modules installed in the PrestaShop store. As part of the module, an employee can get view into the module, can configure or uninstall it. 

prestashop profile permissions

Each profile can be freely defined within your current needs, except for the SuperAdmin. Here access is to all options and cannot be restricted. It is worth remembering that permissions change the access for all employees within a given profile. 

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