PrestaShop 1.7 - discount codes

Discount codes allow you to get a certain discount when shopping. Today we will introduce you to generating and defining discount codes in PrestaShop 1.7.

In administration panel choose sell, then catalog and discounts. In the tab cart rules click +add new cart rule. 


prestashop 1.7 discount codes


On the new page you will see a field for defining a cart rule with three tabs. 




Information tab includes basic parameters of the rule like its name, description or discount code itself. The discount code can be generated by receiving a string of random characters or by manually entering a selected formula. Other options to set in the information tab are:

  • Highlight - allows to display the code on the cart page. 
  • Partial use - in the case of quota discounts, part of the amount can be moved to the next purchase if the discount amount exceeds the cart amount.
  • Priority - allows you to assign priorities to different codes meeting the conditions of one cart. Priority 1 will be used first, then priority 2 and so on. 
  • Status - determines whether the code is active or not. 

 Prestashop 1.7 discount codes informations




The conditions tab allows you to define additional parameters of the discount code. 

  • Limit to a single customer - from the list of registered users you can choose one specific customer who can use the discount code.
  • Valid - setting the period of validity of the discount code. By default the discount code in PrestaShop 1.7 is set to one month. 
  • Minimum amount - defining the minimum value of the basket, for which, after entering the code, the system will charge a discount. Additionally, you can specify the currency, net or gross value and whether or not shipping costs are included in this minimum amount. 
  • Total available - allows you to specify how many times a given code can be realized in the store. 
  • Total available for each user - allows you to specify how many times one particular customer can use the same discount code. 
  • Restrictions - this field allows you to restrict products or users to specific target groups. The code can be assigned to customers from a specific country (country selection), a specific group (customer group selection) or assigned to specific products (product selection). 

 discount codes prestashop 1.7 conditions




This section specifies additional settings for the discount itself.

  • Free shipping - does the code entitle you to free shipping.
  • Apply a discount - specifies the value and type of discount. The discount can be either a percentage or an amount. Here you can also set whether the code should apply to the whole order, the selected product or, for example, the cheapest product from the cart. 
  • Exclude discounted products - define whether the system is to include products already on the sale. "Yes" to excludes these products, and "No" to include products in full and promotional prices.
  • Send a free gift - allows you to assign a free gift to a given order. 


prestashop 1.7 discount codes actions

In case of problems, rely on PrestaShop developer.


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