PrestaShop 1.7 - Product indexing in the search engine

A quick guide to the default product search on PrestaShop 1.7. If you're wondering what to do when a product is not available in the store search engine or just want to manually add products to the index, our PrestaShop guide is for you.

If you add a new product to your PrestaShop 1.7, it may happen that the product will be not searched on the site. This is because the standard search engine in PrestaShop 1.7 does not search the entire product database, but only the index with a shortened product list. By default, each new product is added to the index. Sometimes due to internal mistake a product will not be saved in the index or will appear in the index with a significant delay. To quickly fix this "bug" log into the Administration Panel of your PrestaShop. Select Configure, Shop Parameters and Search in the left-hand menu. 

On the newly opened page in the Indexing section you have two options to choose from:

  • Add missing products to the index - the system will complete the index with missing items,
  • Re-build the entire index - the system will create a new index, containing all products from PrestaShop. 

prestashop 1.7 adding product to search index

To minimize the possibility of discrepancies between the assortment in the store system and the products displayed on the front panel, it is worth setting up a cron. On the server side, add a schedule task using the URL given in your PrestaShop Administration Panel and set the update according to your preferences. We recommend that you set the update every 24 hours, preferably during the night when no changes are made to the store. 

prestashop 1.7 rebuild index

Turning the automatic indexing of products on and off in PrestaShop 1.7 can be found below the links for manual indexing. The slider to YES position means that the automatic indexation of products is enabled. 

index search rebuild cron prestashop 1.7

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