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PrestaShop features

This page has a list of PrestaShop functionalities that the online store has in its basic version. The list was created based on PrestaShop in 1.7.6 release and may vary depending on the version. The PrestaShop online stores we offer are extended with additional functionalities. That is why it is worth getting acquainted with our offer of establishing online stores or contact us to prepare a quote.



  • Shopping Cart
  • Checkout (placing orders)
  • Guest purchases (without or with registration)
  • Order history (customer panel)
  • Invoices (PDF)
  • Shipping forms (PDF)
  • Editing orders from the administration panel
  • Re-ordering from the customer panel
  • Order statuses with transactional emails sent (flexible adding)
  • Customer shopping baskets (preview in administration panel)
  • Adding orders from the administration panel
  • One page checkout
  • Viewing order summary (on the customer view side)
  • Store administrator notifications (email) about orders


  • Adding and editing products, including: photos, name, descriptions, status, SBN, EAN-13, JAN, UPC, metadata, tags, URL, redirection, visibility
  • Quick addition of products (including copying)
  • Adding attachments to the product (files, e.g. instructions)
  • Personalization of products (on the user side, it is possible to add text or attach a file to a given product)
  • Setting product prices (net, gross, unit, purchase)
  • Adding attributes to products (e.g. color, size and their combinations). Attributes can be set your own quantity, price, photos, stock, ISBN, EAN-13, JAN, UPC
  • Setting delivery times for products
  • Setting dimensions and weight
  • Assigning product shipping cost
  • Setting carriers for products
  • Setting specific prices for products (quantity and percentage discounts, including currencies, countries, groups, customers, attributes, dates, quantities, stores)
  • Product packages (several products in the package)
  • Virtual products
  • Adding related products
  • Set taxes for the product
  • Assign any number of categories to products
  • Adding and editing categories and subcategories, including: name, parent category, description, main photo, thumbnail, menu thumbnail, metadata, tags, URL, group access
  • Monitoring - shows product data for which data is missing
  • Adding product brands
  • Adding product suppliers
  • Setting the quantity of products
  • Generating attribute combinations
  • Adding features (e.g. length, type of packaging). Features do not affect the price, but may not be included in the filters
  • Sorting products in lists
  • Acceptance of regulations before purchase (to be excluded)
  • Decorative packaging (option)
  • Warehouse


  • Customer registration
  • Customer panel
  • Editing addresses
  • History of orders
  • Guest purchases
  • Adding multiple addresses to one client
  • Adding / editing clients from the administration panel
  • Password reset

Client service

  • Handling tickets from the administration panel
  • Returns handling from the administration panel


  • Inside store statistics panel
  • Available quantities
  • Information about registered customers
  • Customer Accounts
  • The best suppliers
  • The best customers
  • The best discount vouchers
  • Top categories
  • The best products
  • Newsletter
  • Catalog evaluation
  • Online visitors
  • Visits and visitors
  • Origin of visitors
  • Browsers and operating systems
  • Delivery method distribution
  • Sales and orders
  • Catalog statistics
  • Pages not found
  • Product Details
  • Store search engine (hints)
  • Keyword search engine


  • Translation of the store into other languages
  • Entering multiple currencies
  • Setting local measurement units (e.g. weight, distance, capacity, dimension)
  • Setting the language based on the browser language
  • Setting default data (language, country, currency, time zone)
  • Live currency update
  • Download location packages for countries (voivodships, regions, taxes, currencies, languages, units)
  • Geolocation (can be turned off for given countries)
  • Entering store translations from the administration panel
  • Tax management (e.g. rates, country assignment)


  • Adding any number of templates
  • Basic template editing
  • Logotype setting
  • Favicon setting
  • Adding a "child" template (overriding parent template)
  • Adding an unlimited number of CMS pages (content pages, e.g. regulations, about us, delivery, etc.)
  • Changing the position of the modules on the page
  • Compression of product, categories, brands, suppliers and stores photos
  • Slider on the main page (carousel with banners)
  • Filters on category pages and pages displaying product lists. At prices, attributes and features (e.g. price, size, color, etc.)


  • Payment modules (lots of free payment modules to choose from)
  • Marking which payment method should be available for a given currency
  • Restricting payment methods for customer groups
  • Limitation of payment methods in connection with countries
  • Marking which payment method is to be available for a given carrier


  • Adding any number of carriers
  • Adding delivery cost ranges based on weight or price
  • Adding maximum package dimensions or weight
  • Adding a shipping method for a given group
  • Adding free delivery
  • Adding tracking URL
  • Restricting carriers from the level of product editing


  • Product search engine
  • Discounts and vouchers (for all or for one customer, per customer group, on the value of the order, time limits, quantitative restrictions per user, country, carrier, group, product, percentage or amount restrictions)
  • Discounts for the entire store (currency, country, group, quantity or percentage, time restrictions)
  • Customer groups (blocks the possibility of placing orders)
  • B2B mode
  • Editing transactional emails
  • Directory mode
  • Displaying quantity (availability) on the product page
  • Marking products as "new"
  • Subscribing to newsletter emails
  • Generating robots file for search engines
  • Friendly URLs
  • Referrals (management of accounts of people recommending the service)


  • Enabling SSL certificate support
  • Technical break mode - temporary store shutdown
  • Importer of products, categories, combinations, customers, addresses, brands, suppliers
  • Warehouse - quantitative changes
  • Multistore option - many stores
  • Api
  • Logs
  • Adding location of stationary stores
  • Optimization options (cache)
  • Debug mode
  • Store upgrade
  • Basic server data
  • Backing up databases from the administration panel
  • SQL manager (creating queries from the administration panel)
  • Store employees management (accounts, access rights)
  • In addition, an unlimited number of free and paid modules expanding the functionality of the PrestaShop online store. If you need some extension, write to us, and we will prepare a free quote.

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