PrestaShop trainings

PrestaShop without mysteries!

Experience has taught us, that good knowledge about administration panel is a key when we care about high-quality customer service and satisfactory sales. Properly grounded knowledge provides basis for maximizing the potential of PrestaShop software, which has plenty of possibilities!/p>

What can you learn during the workshops?

The scope of the workshops we settle individually – from the level of advancement to the specific elements that will be discussed. You decide what knowledge you would like us to share with you! Do you care about visibility in Google? We will focus on the elements having an influence on the optimalization of a shop. You want to increase the quality of customer service? We will be aiming at broading your knowledge on using proper expressions, managing the clients and also enhancing your contact with them!

prestashop training

How do the workshops look like?

It’s an online course in a form of a Skype conference. Two hours “meeting” having place in front of computers which we begin with a lecture, and then we conduct exercises – we need to make sure that the knowledge has been well acquired. We are open to your questions and remarks during workshops.

Now you know that using a shop can be much easier? That you can in a faster and better way serve your customers. Please contact us in order to talk about the details of workshops – get to know how many new functions of your PrestaShop you can learn with us!

For whom?

If you just have started your adventure with PrestaShop or you run a shop, but you know that you can do it in a better way – our workshops are for you! It is also an offer for agencies who care about educating employees and familiarizing them with the advanced functions of PrestaShop!

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