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General questions

Please choose the service you need

Would you like to preserve all shop data?

What modifications were made in your current online shop?

Please enter any comments you have for this service

Do you have a full access to shop files and database?

Would you like to preserve shop data? (products, categories, customers, seo structure, etc.)?

What modifications were made in your current shop?

Please enter any comments you have for this service

Please describe what have to be finished in your current online store

Do you need a domain for your e-shop?

Optionally, please write down your domain name

Do you need a hosting solution for your shop?

Please specify name of your hosting provider

Graphics style

Choose graphic style that suits you the best.

Describe the graphic style you would like to have

Would You like you graphics to be dedicated or based on a ready theme?

Would you like to add any comments to the graphic design section?

Please describe graphics design you'd like to have

Do you need a logotype for your online store?

Please list your logotype requirements (style, examples, colors, text, etc.)

Are there any online stores that you like?

Enter up to 5 online stors urls you like

Would you like to have an UX model of your shop?


Are your products going to have variants (e.g. size, color, etc.)?

If you think this is important, describe variants specification

Should the customer have any possibility to configure products?

Please describe the specifics of the products configuration

How would you like to enter products to your on-line store?

Please specify how you'd like to enter products

Will product pages differ from each other in some way?

Describe the differences in product pages

What kind of checkout would you like to have?

Describe how the checkout should look like

Do you have any special requirements for shop mobile version?

Do you need advanced menu?

Do you have any special wishes regarding the categories page?

Please describe

Do you have any special requirements regarding the home page?

Please describe

Do you have any special wishes regarding the shop search engine?

Please describe

Do you need custom category filters?

Please describe

Do you want a chat functionality in your store?

If you know the chat name, enter it below

Do you need price comparison engines integration?

Please name price comparison engines needed for integration

Do you need a loyalty program in your store?

Please describe how it should work

Is there going to be any special complaint / return procedure in your online shop?

Please describe complaint / return procedure that you would like to have in your store

Do you need to implement dropshipping at this stage?

Please describe dropshipping service in your shop

Potrzebujesz wielu sklepów z jednym panelem administracyjnym (multistore)?

Please describe differences between shops and additional multi store informations

Is there anything else you want to add to this section?

What would you like to add?

ERP, warehouse and accounting systems

Do you need integration with any accounting or warehouse systems?

Please describe desired integration

Do you need an integration with any enterprise management system (ERP)?

Please describe desired integration

Delivery options

List what delivery methods do you need in your store?

Do you need integration with carriers / couriers / delivery brokers (generating labels)?

Please list carriers / couriers / delivery brokers names that will require integration

How are you going to calculate the cost of shipping?

Please describe shipping costs calculations

Should we know anything else about delivery methods in your online shop?

Please give us any additional shipping informations

Payment options

Do you need other payment methods?

Please list other payment methods you require to be integrated

Do you need to introduce subscription fees for customers?

Please describe how monthly fee functionality should work in your store

Do you need to introduce part payment for your customers?

Please describe how part payment functionality should work in your online store

Do you need to introduce payments in the form of installments?

Please list installments solutions you would like to use

Do you have any other payment requirements?

Please list your additional payment requirements

Marketing and promotion

Do you need any custom tools to run your promotions?

Please describe promotion types you need

Do you need any social links on your shop (ie.: facebook, twitter, instagram)?

Please list names of social links you need in your shop

Do you need any social feeds in your shop (ie.: facebook, instagram)?

Please list names social feeds you need

Do you need any product feed in your shop (ie.: google products)?

Please list names of product feeds integrations you need

Do you need any share buttons on product page?

Please name share buttons you require on product page

Do you need to collect newsletter subscribers in your online store?

Do you need a software to create and send newsletter to your subscribers?

If you know what system you need to integrate, write its name.

Do you need an integration with any external marketing system?

Please describe what you need

Do you need integration with the opinions/feedback system?

Please list names of opinions/feedback system you need to be integrated in your store

Do you need a free delivery available for your customers?

Please describe free delivery terms

Do you need free marketing consultations?

Do you need any other marketing integrations/ tools / solutions?

Please write down what you need

Statistics and analytics

Do you need Google Analytics integration?

Do you need an integration with an additional analytical tools?

Please describe analytical tools for integration

Localisation options

Do you need more than one language?

Please list languages you need

Will your store support other markets?

List countries / markets that your store will support

Do you need more than one currency?

List other currencies your store will support

Do you need separate domains for other languages?


Do you need B2B functionality?

Please describe if B2B customer registration process is going to be special in some way

Is the pricing policy is going to different for B2B customers?

If you have any other comments for the B2B service, write them below

Shop security

Would you like to have an SSL certificate protecting your shop?

Do you have SSL certificate for your shops domain?

Do you need an additional anti-bot registration form protection?

Do you need additional anti-bot contact form protection?

Shop optimization

What SEO and speed optimization help do you need?

Do you need post-implementation audit and optimization (optimization of store speed)?

Further support

Do you need constant technical and maintenance support?

Do you need constant marketing support?

Online store strategy

What is your shop main goal?

Please write what is the main goal of your store

Briefly describe the specifics of the market for your products

Briefly describe the marketing strategy you are planning

What is your approximate monthly net budget for marketing?

Briefly describe your competition

Briefly describe your target audience

Briefly describe products you are/will be selling

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The sent data is safe (encrypted with an SSL certificate). The data sent is used only to prepare the offer. If you have any problems, our consultant is here to help. Send an inquiry by going to the contact section. Please note that the price displayed here is indicative. To get an offer, please send us the form above (big green button above).

Why are our online stores the best?

By using our services, you become the owner of an online store. What does it mean? Firstly, there are no additional fees. No monthly subscription, regular bills for using the platform. Secondly, you become an owner of all files and accesses. Why is it so important? Because thanks to this you can change and develop your store in any way you want. You have the option of making any changes to the appearance and functionalities. You can choose from tens of thousands of ready-made modules and templates. Thanks to a flexible approach, you will create an online store of any appearance, e-commerce with any functionalities (grocery store, wholesaler, dropshipping solution, rental, sale of digital products, training platform and many others). And if for some reason the solution stops working for you, you have the right to transfer all data to another platform. It gives enormous freedom and comfort, especially when you want to develop your store.

A huge advantage is the popularity of the PrestaShop platform (the solution on which we put your online store). Why is it so important? There are many reasons. In addition to the already mentioned access to a huge library of modules and templates, you have access to specialists, constant development is ensured (regular publication of updates), you have access to a huge knowledge base on the Internet, you receive constant community support. Additionally, PrestaShop is intuitive and easy to learn. A completely inexperienced person can quickly start working with our solution.

How much does the online store cost?

The main factor affecting the cost of the project is the time used by our specialists to implement your store. Despite the fact that we have many ready-made functionalities, the implementation always requires a whole range of activities that affect the final cost. Examples of the work we undertake include: preparation, implementation and configuration of the base store, creation or adjustment of graphics, implementation of the required functionalities, optimization and tests. Many people are involved in working on your order. For example: project manager (the person responsible for contacting you), e-commerce specialist (consults and advises solutions in the online store), graphic designer, UX specialist and, of course, implementation specialists (frontend and backend programmers).

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