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A lot of people asked us about the possibility of adding a personalized description at the bottom of the category. By default, PrestaShop allows you to add text only at the top of the category. Below we attach a free module that solves this problem. At the moment, the extension is available for PrestaShop version 1.6. In addition to the installation, the module requires the addition of a hook, but everything is described below.

free module additional category description Prestashop

It is worth mentioning that the module uses the overwrite of the default PrestaShop classes, so if another module uses the same classes, then it may prevent the addon from being used.

First, download the module from the link at the bottom of this page. After downloading, log in to the administrative panel of your store. Go to the subpage of modules. Click "Add new module", then click "Select file" and select the previously downloaded file. Now click "Submit module". Then install the extension.

free module additional category description Prestashop 1

After installation, we can add an additional description in any category. For this purpose, enter the "Catalog", "Categories" and edit any category. In the lower part we have a fully functional editor in which we can introduce an extra description.

Then you will need to add the hook in the place where the description should appear. To do this,  log in via ftpa to the server where the store is located and look for the file category.tpl which is located in themes / YOUR_THEME /. We are opening it for editing.

Before closing the last "if", add this line:

{hook h="displayPrestaProsCategoryBottom" category=$category}

free module additional category description Prestashop 4

Save the file. If any additional category descriptions have been entered and it is not visible in the store, it is worth to return to the administration panel and clear the cache. This can be done in the "Advanced parameters" tab → "Performance" → "Clear cache memory".
free module additional category description Prestashop 3

Remember that all changes to your store are made at your own risk. If you like our work, please like us on Facebooku.


Download module

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