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from 35 €/h*

Subscription services:

*net. PrestaShop prices – depends on the service and amount of working hours. PrestaShop price list? Do you need information and specific evaluation? Write us right away

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Do you want to gradually change your shop and implement new solutions? Or maybe you prefer to have someone who will look after it and in case of a failure will quickly react? If you give a positive answer to any of the above questions, then subscription is just for you!

How does the subscription service work?

Shop subscription service is settled in a form of monthly fee. As a part of monthly fee you get a specific number of a programmer’s working hours which can be used for any kind of works regarding your shop. You gain project manager support, who will keep you up-dated on regular basis about the modifications that could be implemented in your shop, what can be improved and also how the works are going. By using subscription you can be sure that we will find time for you and when technical problem will occur – we will react in no time.

For whom is the subscription?

For all those who care about maintaining a well-functioning shop.

If you do not cooperate with a programmer on regular basis, whether because of finances or you just know that full-time programmer support is not necessary, the subscription is just for you. It is also great suggestion (on favorable prices) for those who just have started their adventure with online sales but want to make sure that their shop will work just fine.

Do you know that...?

We try to provide the best quality of services, that’s why the number of subscription packages is limited. It is for subscription customers that we save programmers' time so that they can take appropriate action without delay to eliminate the problem.

Why it is worth it?

  • As part of the service, you have access to a project manager who examine and respond your needs. You also gain the help of programmers who specialize in stores on the PrestaShop platform.
  • You can be sure that we will always find time for you, because the number of hours you have at your subscription is secured in our work schedule.
  • You gain the highest quality services at a very good price. The approximate cost per hour of the programmer's work as part of the subscription is just Euro 25. Remember that programmers specializing in PrestaShop software work in PrestaPros.
  • Every month, along with the project manager, you create a list of tasks to be performed. You decide what is the priority and what can wait for the next month. After completing the tasks, you receive a report on the work carried out.

What subscription gives you?

  • Monitoring the basic operating parameters of the PrestaShop store, and in the case of irregularities, carrying out appropriate work.
  • Quick response in case of a shop breakdown. Subscription customers are treated as a priority, which means that as soon as you inform us about irregularities, we will move to action - we will identify the problem and fix the failure.
  • Maintaining the highest sales standards, ie responding to the needs of e-consumers. Making graphic changes, running discount coupons, adding seasonal categories - these are just a few of the levels on which we can act!
  • Technical optimization of stores in terms of changing search engine algorithms. Work is our passion, so we are always up to date with industry news. We carefully monitor the changing SEO standards to keep your store always visible in the search engine.
  • You can also use subscription hours for other activities, for example for consultancy or even for the preparation of a module.

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