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With the extensive configurator, you can create a modern and fully functional online store in a few simple steps. No subscription, easy and fast! Register or log in to get started.

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Why is it worth it?

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Simple setup and ease of creation

We offer an easy and intuitive configurator that allows you to quickly create individual PrestaShop stores without the need for programming. Thanks to our flexible platform, you can adjust the look and functionality of your online store to your needs in a few simple steps. We offer full control over the project, thanks to which it is possible to quickly adapt the e-shop to both market requirements and individual preferences.

Hosting, SSL, domain

We provide hosting to start, free SSL certificate and registration of your own domain for your online store. Our platform is integrated with major hosting providers and ensures that your data and online transactions are protected. In addition, we provide the option of setting up a store on a subdomain, which reduces the initial costs and allows you to test the store for free.

online shop hosting
online shop configurator

Ready in a few moments

Your online store can be ready in just a few moments! Our platform allows you to quickly create and implement online stores without the need for advanced programming tools. The automation of the installation and configuration process allows you to build stores in an average time from just an hour to just over a day (in the case of stores with domain purchase). More information can be found at the bottom in the Q&A section.

online shop low price

Low price - from €249

Our goal is to enable our clients to create a full-fledged online store of their own, even with a small budget. Thanks to the configurator, you can enjoy a professionally made online store at a low price and without a subscription! You pay for what you need at the moment, and the store files become your property forever.

online shop trial

Trial period - 7 days

We are convinced of the quality of our services, which is why we offer a test period in which you can test our offer free of charge and see how easy it is to create your own online store. During this period, we will provide you with most of the functions and tools, thanks to which you will be able to test the operation of your e-shop. This is the perfect opportunity to test the platform and decide if it is the right choice for your business needs. Card details are not required!

Possibility of development and flexibility

Full access to files, database and, above all, open code allow for any modifications and development of the online store. Our advantage is that we do not apply limits to the number of products or orders, as is the case with other solutions. With us, you get a low-cost platform that you can scale and develop according to your needs, without having to worry about closed architecture and imposed limits.

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What are the main advantages of PrestaShop

  • Fully open code allowing for any modifications.
  • Huge community where you can easily get help.
  • Hundreds of ready-made modules and templates that allow you to expand your online store.
  • Constant development ensuring modern solutions and safety.
  • Easy access to an extremely wide range of specialists.
  • Multiple language translations available.
  • Simple and intuitive administration panel.

Modern and nice template

Our e-commerce specialists have created a modern template that will allow you to successfully start selling online. The template is designed to be quickly and easily adapted to different businesses. In addition to its versatility, we wanted it to have as many useful modules as possible to maximize sales and build trust in the store. The template is fully responsive, thanks to which the online store automatically adapts to mobile devices. It's worth checking out the demo to see the benefits of the template for yourself. Demo

online shop integrations

We answer your questions

The offer is addressed to registered users, so if you do not have an account, create one. The process of creating an account and using the configurator are free. To register you will need basic data such as e-mail and password. After logging in and going to the shop creation section, a simple form consisting of several steps is waiting for you. Each of them is precisely described and should not cause any problems. The following steps are currently available:
  • choosing a shop name,
  • domain selection,
  • country and currency,
  • graphic options,
  • payment methods,
  • shipping methods,
  • additional modules,
  • general settings,
  • contact details,
  • information pages.
In the process of creating an online store, you can choose the option of a trial period (not available when purchasing a domain through the configurator) or immediate payment. In the case of the latter option, the store will be handed over for implementation as soon as the funds are credited.
The speed of creating a store depends on e.g. on server load and selected options. In the case of the simplest stores, the execution time can be as little as 30 minutes (3 hours on average). In the case of domain purchase stores, the delivery time is approximately 24 hours (average 27 hours). The time may be longer in the case of individual options that require customer intervention (e.g. DNS changes) or failure.
Yes, but for this to happen, you need to click the next step button. The logotype is also saved separately when working with its configurator.
The main advantages of PrestaShop are:
  • open architecture (the possibility of any modifications to the code, and thus a wide development possibility),
  • a huge, international community (you can easily find a solution to a problem on the Internet, as well as support),
  • a huge database of modules that can be added to the store,
  • low entry threshold (thanks to the user-friendly interface, it is easy to start working with the software),
  • continuous development of the platform.
We don't know for sure :). However, the above-mentioned advantages are definitely worth considering. The software is certainly for those who start their adventure with e-commerce and do not want to pay a monthly subscription. On the other hand, the arguments about open architecture and unlimited development possibilities should go to the owners of medium-sized businesses.
No. All the necessary elements to set up a store are available from the configurator (including domain selection, hosting, and even designing a simple logotype).
Yes. Most modules will require more or less configuration. For example, payment modules will often require you to sign a contract with intermediaries. Courier broker modules require an account.
No. No technical knowledge is required to set up a store and start working with it. However, if we want to develop an online store, it is worth working with an agency that specializes in PrestaShop.
Yes. In the configurator, select the appropriate option and follow the instructions.
Yes, but if you need to transfer data, we will have to price it additionally.
You can check the template demo here:
We provide the option of payment via the Przelewy24 system. It allows you to pay with Blik as well as a quick transfer from most Polish banks.
No. When completing the invoice data, select the appropriate option.
The configurator allows you to configure and install an online store with hosting, domain, SSL certificate, responsive graphics and additional modules. To get to know all the options, it is best to familiarize yourself with the offered tool.
Yes. After paying for the online store, we send ftp and database access.
If you use our hosting and a domain purchased through the configurator, you must pay the above fees annually. services. Additional fees may apply if additional services are used.
For usability reasons, the configurator is not equipped with all the options of the online store available in its panel. In addition, it has a limited number of templates and modules. To get to know the configurator, it is best to "click" through it. Registration and use of the configurator are free.
The free version is available for 7 days. In the trial version, access to the administration panel is limited (e.g. you cannot install modules). In addition, there is no access to files, store database, some modules. The trial version is only available on our servers. Additional, paid services selected in the configurator can be implemented only after paying for the store.
Yes. After paying for the store, you will receive full access to the ftp and database, i.e. to the code with the possibility of making any changes.
We have placed a limited number of extensions for installation in the configurator, but nothing stands in the way of installing additional modules in the store. The possibilities are enormous. PrestaShop has a gigantic offer of extensions, both available in the official store of the platform ( and offered by external suppliers. It is worth remembering that the installation of modules is available after paying for the online store.
Of course. After paying for the store, once you get full access to it, you can install any theme at your discretion. Themes can be found in the official PrestaShop store ( and elsewhere.
Yes, after paying for the store and obtaining access, transfers are possible on your own or with our help (additional fees may apply, however).
Yes and no. The basic solution we propose is recommended for the very beginning or for small shops (with a small number of products and a small number of orders). In the case of store development, we suggest data migration. Such a service can be carried out independently or with our participation (additional fees may be charged).
Yes and no. We reserve the right not to grant a trial period in the event of suspicion of non-compliance with the regulations or excessive load on the servers. In addition, the online store must be manually approved by us, which may take up to several days in the event of a heavy load. If you purchase a domain through the configurator, the trial period option is not available.
There is no limit (for paid stores). However, at a time, you can have a maximum of 1 shop with a trial period.
The store will be blocked. If it is not paid within the next 7 days, the store will be permanently deleted. Data recovery will not be possible.
At the end of work with the configurator, the regulations and privacy policy are made available. Additionally, you can find them here: Privacy policy, Terms and conditions instant shops.
The owner of the PrestaPros brand is Flum and it has signed an agreement with payment companies.
Basically, the answer is already in the question. There is no subscription. In addition, an important advantage of the offered solution is the openness of the code. It allows the full development of the store. Many shop owners operating in the subscription model complain about the lack of such a possibility. It is also worth remembering about all the other advantages of PrestaShop, such as a huge community and a huge selection of ready-made modules. Open architecture also entails certain responsibilities, such as taking care of the store on your own (or outsourcing it to an external company).

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