Free module: reCaptcha for PrestaShop registration form

Recently, we've had many queries from our clients complaining about fake custommers accounts in their PrestaShops. New accounts have suspicious website name placed as a customers lastname (i.e. bot putse in place of the lastname). In order to eliminate the problem, we have created a free module that secures the form by adding reCaptcha mechanism from Google.

prestashop recaptcha registration form

At the time of writing this article, the module works for the PrestaShop store version 1.6. The extension has been tested in stores from early versions ( to newer ones ( The module for stores in version 1.7 is in the process of writing and should appear soon.

For installation, download the module from the following link, then install it. You must provide two keys from the reCaptcha site. The version that was tested is reCaptcha v.2 and such keys should be generated. For more information, read our article on generating reCaptychy for the contact form. Keys should be entered in the module configuration.

prestashop recaptcha registration form

If everything went well, the security will be visible in the registration form and in the purchase path (works for both one and 5 steps). After installation please test the shopping path and create and edit an account in the PrestaShop store.

prestashop recaptcha registration form

In the case of problems, simply disable / uninstall the module. We would like to remind that you install the module at your own risk. All modifications with which you apply to us will be priced individually by us.


Download module

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