Case study Nietylkofiranki

The brand is a dynamically developing e-commerce company that has opted for the PrestaShop engine. This choice was supported by Presta’s openness and the positive experience gained by the client on other previous projects based on this particular system. Our initial, short-term goal was to prepare the store for launch as soon as possible. Thanks to the flexible approach and great commitment of the team, we were able to solve all initially selected problems in record time, which was appreciated by the client:

"Thanks to PrestaPros, I am sure that our store works continuously and that all possible errors are quickly repaired. I can always count on professional advice and technological support in achieving my business goals."

Anna Pałka - manager of

Efficient actions allowed us to start without problems.

During the cooperation, we provided the client not only with technical support, but also marketing consultations, which allowed to avoid typical mistakes of the starting project. What's more, the tips we provide result in continuous development.

Initial technical and content-related support turned into permanent cooperation consisting in ongoing care over the store and its systematic development. We are constantly working to improve current solutions. The area of activity includes both work on the appearance and the functionalities offered by the store to increase its convertibility. The result of this cooperation is a secure store and dynamic project development.

Screenshot from some tasks

PrestaShop Nietylkofiranki

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