Case study SeedParade

The migration of PrestaShop stores using customizations (modules) written on demand requires a flexible approach and prior preparation of work. In this case, the client was interested in full migration consisting of:

  • data transfer (customers, orders, products etc.),
  • transfer of functionality and dedicated solutions.

Some of the indicated functionalities used the already outdated PrestaShop 1.6 modules (no version for PrestaShop 1.7), which was associated with the need to rewriting some of them. The situation was similar in the case of dedicated solutions.

In addition, the ordering party knowing their customers wanted to keep the store's appearance as close as possible to its original version. The target group of buyers are older people who do not follow technological innovations. Preservation of appearance and functionality was therefore aimed at minimizing navigation problems by regular customers who have become accustomed to the current appearance of the platform.

To meet these requirements, we split our work into two parallel processes. One of them was the transfer of graphics in according with the client's requirements, while the second process was the migration of all data and the transfer of necessary functionalities that the client wanted.

In summary, despite additional needs on the part of the client, the entire process ran smoothly, securely and trouble-free, and the new store is functional and buyer-friendly.

Screenshot from some tasks

PrestaShop SeedParade

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