Case study ZonaDesign

We started our cooperation with from marketing support, mainly focused on running campaigns on Google. With the development of the project, it turned out that the existing store engine does not meet the expectations that can be placed in front of a modern store today. The client - while still cooperating with the previous company - decided to migrate from the existing engine to the modern PrestaShop. This change soon allowed us to expand our cooperation with comprehensive programming support for the store. With the development of the store, there was a demand for dedicated solutions and integrations that were not foreseen in the initial assumptions.

Soon after, the client satisfied with the cooperation so far, decided to expand marketing cooperation with positioning. This decision resulted in a continuous increase in organic traffic, which changed to increase sales results.

The synergy of our marketing and programming activities allows us to achieve uninterrupted growth of store turnover while maintaining its stable uninterrupted work.

Screenshot from some tasks

PrestaShop ZonaDesign

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