PrestaShop 1.7 - Settings of available payment methods

In the latest version of PrestaShop 1.7. the functionality responsible for assigning payment methods to particular segments of the store is an option already built into the engine. Unlike previous versions, version 1.7, does not require the installation of an additional Ship2Pay module. 

To determine available payment methods in PrestaShop, log in to the Administration Panel of your Store. Select Improve, Payment and Preferences in the left-hand menu.

prestashop 1.7 payment methods

On the new website there will be 4 sections responsible for particular topics related to payment in the shop:

  • Currency restrictions,
  • Group restrictions,
  • Country restrictions,
  • Carrier restrictions.

Available payment methods depend on the payment modules installed in your store. For example, if the shop offers DotPay, PayU and PayPal payment, each of these methods can be assigned to selected customer groups, currencies or shipping countries.


Currency limitations


In this section, you can specify the available payment methods for the currencies set in the store. 

prestashop 1.7 currency


Group Restrictions


Group restrictions assign specific payment methods for particular customer groups - guest, visitor, customer, wholesaler - or other groups defined in your store. 

prestashop 1.7 group


Country Restrictions


This section specifies the available payment methods for each country to which the shop sends its goods. 

prestashop 1.7 country


Carrier's restrictions


As in the previous sections, the carrier's restrictions are assigned to the payment methods for each carrier. Here you can also assign a "cash on delivery" option to the selected courier or exclude it completely from the available payment methods.

prestashop 1.7 carrier

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