PrestaShop 1.7 - shop translations - installed module Translations.

PrestaShop 1.7 is a free online shop engine that gives you a great opportunity to customize the appearance, functionality and content of the store. Everyone with a few easy steps is able to adjust the store to their needs and expectations of customers. Thanks to the access to the Translations functionality in PrestaShop 1.7 you can freely change the content installed through the modules located in the store. 

In the left-hand menu in the administration panel, select Improve, International and then Translations. You can choose from 5 options:

prestashop translation

This entry will be devoted to translations of the installed modules and on the example of the Contact form module you will see how to quickly change the content on both the frontend and the panel of the store. In the section Modify translations select:

  • Type of translation: Installed modules translation
  • Select module: Contact form
  • Select your language: choose your language, which you want to translate

and press Modify.

translation prestashop 1.7

A list of phrases in English and proposed by the system translations into your selected language will appear on the newly opened card. Admin tab refers to the phrases contained in the administration panel. The Shop tab is responsible for the content displayed directly in the shop. After making the necessary changes, press save and remember to always check the introduced changes on your shop website.

modules prestashop 1.7

module translation prestashop 1.7

If the changes made are not visible on the shop's website, you must clear the cache (depending on the settings). To do this, in the administration panel, go to Advanced Parameters, Performance and click on the top right corner Clear cache


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